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Dynamics Mobile Fleet is a backend application developed over the Dynamics Mobile platform, which enables the organizations to manage their fleet of mobile users in an unified way.

It is supposed that the organization is having a number of mobile users equipped with mobile devices, where they have installed the Dynamics Mobile native app. Once the mobile user signs into the Dynamics Mobile native app from his Android, iPhone or Windows 10 devices , the user will see specific mobile business functionality on his mobile screen. Some mobile users use the mobile app to sell goods - in this case they will see Field Sales related functionality on their devices. Other mobile users use the mobile app to empower their warehouse and inventory related activities. In this case these users will see Warehouse and Inventory related functionality on their mobile devices. The organization may have mobile users with different business roles and all these users may only see the specific business functionality applicable for their role.

In Dynamics Mobile this can be achieved by creating a mobile user, assigning a role and assigning application suitable for the user's business role.

Mobile Fleet is a central hub, which allows the supervisors and admins in the organization to manage and monitor the mobile users. It eases the management if the mobile users, the business functionalities deployed across the mobile users as well as monitoring and analyzing the mobile activities in near real-time and taking better management decisions.


  • Assigning of mobile applications and permissions

  • Real-time monitoring of the mobile users routes and activities over the world map

  • Route planning and assignment

  • Route performance analysis

  • Route exploring for past periods

  • Route compliance reporting

  • Heatmap reports for analyzing hot spots over the world map

  • Survey design and assignment

  • Survey analysis and reporting

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