Beta testing on Android

Dynamics Mobile Beta testing


New versions of the Dynamics Mobile app for Android are released to Google Play, which makes it available to all Android mobile devices with Google account and enabled automatic updates. Every application version is released as BETA prior making it available to the public audience.This allows the organizations to test it in their environments and notify their partners if any issues are discovered

The Android version publishing process

  1. Dynamics Mobile Team publishes BETA version of the app in Google Play

  2. The BETA versions stays for 4 weeks

  3. All partners and customers are notified via their standard support channel

  4. The new BETA versions is announced in Dynamics Mobile Blog

  5. The BETA versions is published as production version on Google Play

  6. All partners and customers are notified via their standard support channel

  7. The new production version is announced in Dynamics Mobile Blog

About the BETA version

The Beta version will not affect anyone, unless they opt-in the Beta testing program. We strongly recommend organizations to conduct quick go-through testing with the Beta version on their systems before the actual public release and notify Dynamics Mobile team or their partner support team if any issues are found.


The Beta versions might have issues , so they are only meant to be used for testing purposes.

Signing up for the Beta channel

Users need to sign up specifically for the Beta channel in order to be able to test the early Beta versions.

The following steps must be followed

  • Open Play Store App on your Android device

  • Find Dynamics Mobile Application by typing dynamicsmobile in the search bar on top and click over it

  • Click over the JOIN button and confirm the join process

  • click the BACK arrow icon on top-left and then click over the dynamics mobile app again to refresh this screen

Voilà , you have access to the latest Beta version and you can install it on your device or update your current version!

You can now conduct standard deployment of a test user and conduct quick go-through testing of the app with your data.

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