Application Types

Mobile and Backend (Web) apps


Dynamics Mobile Platform supports two types of applications:

  • Backend applications

  • Mobile applications

Backend applications

The backend applications are web applications, which are used mostly by back office users. It is supposed that in every business organization there are number of users, who are considered as "back office" users. Most of the time they are stationary, located physically at the office of the organization and most importantly connected to internet.

The backend apps are served and accessed via web browser and require internet connection. They are best used on bigger screens ( tablets, notebooks, desktop computers) and may provide rich user experience and complex business logic.

The backend apps are mostly targeted against users like cashiers, clerks, supervisors, administrators, managers and others.

Mobile applications

The mobile applications are provided as a native mobile apps for each of the major operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows 11.

The most significant feature of the mobile apps is the offline capabilities, which allows the mobile app to cash locally a data snapshot from the Dynamics Mobile Platform or/and connected ERP and use it locally without internet connection. All changes over the data are automatically propagated to the Dynamics Mobile Platform as well as to the connected ERP.

The mobile apps are best viewed on small screens like smartphones or tablets. Certain mobile apps can be optimized for bigger screens like notebooks and even bigger ones for scenarios like POS for example.

The mobile apps are targeted against users like salespersons on the move, mobile technicians, manager on the go and others where the mobility, small screen and off-line capabilities are must.

The "mobile" apps can also be used as PWA web applications directly from a modern web browser. The offline capablities of the app can not be used in PWA mode.

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