SERVICE This class is a "service" and it is automatically injected if declared as a member in the constructor of the consuming class. - See the constructor section below for details - See the Automatic Instance Injection page for details on the topic

The FileService class provides methods to work with files

No properties

There is a difference in the behaviour of the FileService API in mobile and backend apps. Read the File Access documentation for more details

fileWrite method creates new file with given filename and filecontent. The method will overwrite the file if it already exists without throwing error

fileRead(fileName: string): Promise<string>

fileRead method reads and returns the content of existing file by given filename. The method throws error if the file does not exists.

fileDelete(fileName: string): Promise<void>

fileDelete method deletes a file by given filename. The method will not throw error if the file does not exists.

fileExists(fileName: string): Promise<boolean>

fileExists method returns true if the file with the given filename exists.

getDirFiles(folder: string): Promise<Array<string>>

getDirFiles method returns list of files contained in the given folder.

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