Rich functionalities delivered as single package


The applications on Dynamics Mobile are a way to develop, package and distribute functionalities. A functionality for issuing invoices can be packed as a single Invoicing app for example.

App types

Dynamics Mobile Platform can operate with two types of applications.

  • Backend apps The backend apps are web applications, which are accessed via web browser over internet. They always require internet connection. Usually the backend apps are used by users in the back office like cashiers, clerks, supervisors, administrators, etc. The backend apps can provide sophisticated functionality and rich user interface.

  • Native Mobile apps The mobile apps are native apps installed and executed on mobile devices. They may operate in online or offline mode, which depends on the way they are developed. The mobile apps are used by users on the go like mobile salespersons, truck drivers, users who needs to approve documents from their smart phone , etc. The mobile app introduced mobile friendly user interface with rich offline capabilities and allowing of complex on-device business logic to run without internet.

  • PWA (proggressive web applications) The Dynamics Mobile SDK allows the developers to package their applications as PWA without aditional effort. Simple command from the terminal packages and publishes the app either as a mobile app or PWA app.

  • Web APIs Need to host a JSON Web API - Dynamics Mobile SDK allows the developer to quickly expose json web api with custom logic deployed in the cloud.

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