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The document contains information about the configurations needed to connect Dynamics Mobile App with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Connecting Dynamics Mobile with Microsoft Dynamics NAV goes via Dynamics Mobile Agent. The reason is that usually Microsoft Dynamics NAV instances are deployed behind firewalls, so it can not directly communicate with Dynamics Mobile Cloud.

Dynamics Mobile Agent can help to overcome this . It acts as a "proxy" between Dynamics Mobile Apps and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and allows the app to bypass the cloud and use "Direct Live Link"

This allows the apps developed on top of Dynamics Mobile SDK to :

  • consume data originating from NAVin offline mode

  • send transactions to NAV

  • consume, create, update data originating from NAV in online mode ( also called Livelink)


The following is required before the configuration of the system begins:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance with the following setups:

    • Dedicated NAV user for Dynamics Mobile

    • Dynamics Mobile Add-on deployed in NAV

    • Deployed Dynamics Mobile Agent visible via internet from Dynamics Mobile Cloud

If the mobile applications needs to consume on-line data via direct livelink, the administrator needs to activate and configure the direct live link. The direct live link configuration is provided for each user role, separately. via the User Role's Settings screen. Please consult with the following page for general information about working with User Role Settings.

Livelink for Microsoft Dynamics NAV requires the following parameters to be provided

Parameter name





Must have value dmsagent



The path portion of the URL used to connect to Dynamics Mobile Agent. default value: navmobile



The name of the host (internet name) where the Dynamics Mobile Agent is visible via internet. It may be DNS name or IP address



the TCP port where the Dynamics Mobile Agent service is published. Usually 80 or 443.


http or https

The protocol used to communicate with the instance. Supported are http or https.

The format of the setting in the User Role, requires the settings to be wrapped in an object property with name liveLinkService_[MYNAME] , where NAME is arbitrary name dependent on the actual application.

The following example configures a service called warehouseService.

It will allow the mobile devices to use livelink configuration called "warehouseService".

  "language": "en",
  "liveLinkService_warehouseService": {

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