Dynamics Mobile Platform Overview


Dynamics Mobile is a cloud-based software application platform, which automates the development, management and hosting of complex cloud business application.

It replaces the need to maintain separate teams for development, cloud devops, cloud- infrastructure support and others with ready automations and allows the development teams to focus on the development of the business functionality without having prior cloud-based knowledge.

The Dynamics Mobile Platform is built on top of the following basic pillars:


The Dynamics Mobile core operates in the cloud and works as a glue between the cloud infrastructure and the business applications developed by the developers.

It provides the following

  • a way for the developers to create web and mobile business apps

  • a way for the client-facing teams (Sales) to easily spin-off new customer tenants

  • a way for the administrators to easily install business applications in their tenants

  • invisible automated devops activities running behind the teams


The business functionality in Dynamics Mobile Platform is packaged into "applications".

The developers can use the Dynamics Mobile SDK to create cloud-based business application and publish them to the customer tenants without actual cloud-infrastructure knowledge. The developers can create mobile apps, PWA apps, web apps, web API's, chatbots and others using unified approach and coding in Typescript.


The platform isolates each business client by hosting isolated tenants. Each tenant is a client-isolated environment in the cloud, which has isolated number of users, set of applications, and isolated cloud storage.

The tenant administrator can manage the users, the applications and the data in the tenant with simple web user interface without the need to deal with complex devops activities in the cloud.

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