Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations - Client App Registration


Dynamics Mobile portal must configured to communicate with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The communication with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations requires Dynamics Mobile portal to authenticate properly and one of the authentication methods is called Basic Authentication. Dynamics Mobile supports Basic Authentication which is the preferred authentication method with Dynamics 365 Business Central as of now and this requires certain configurations to be made on the Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics Mobile sides.


Register an application in Azure portal

Registering Dynamics Mobile as an application establishes a trust relationship between Dynamics Mobile and the Microsoft identity platform. The trust is unidirectional: your app trusts the Microsoft identity platform, and not the other way around.

Follow these steps to register the app:

  1. Go to your Azure Portal

  2. If you have access to multiple tenants, use the Directories + subscriptions filter in the top menu to switch to the tenant in which you want to register the application.

  3. Enter a display Name: Dynamics Mobile.

  4. Specify who can use the application: Accounts in this organizational directory only

  5. Fill-in Redirect URI: Select Public client/native and enter the following uri: https://www.dynamicsmobile.com/nativeclient

  6. Click the Register button

9. When registration finishes, the Azure portal displays the app registration's Overview pane. You see the Application (client) ID. Also called the client ID, this value uniquely identifies the application in the Microsoft identity platform

10. Go to API Permissions from the left-side menu and click Add Permission

11. Scroll down and click over Dynamics ERP

12. Click Application Permissions, then select/check Connector.FullAccess, then click Add Permissions at the bottom

13. Go to API permissions and click the Grant Admin Consent for .... button and then Yes.

14. Go to Certficiates and secrets, click Client Secrets, then click New client secret. Enter Dynamics Mobile Client in Description and select 12 months( or more ) for Expires. Click Add button to confirm.

15. Copy the Secret Value - we will need this later

Setup Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

16. Go to the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and navigate to Azure Active Directory Applications

17. Click New to register our new app. Enter the Client Id ( taken from azure, step 9 ). Enter Dynamics Mobile for name and, select dedicated user (user specifically created for Dynamics Mobile ) . Make sure the dedicated user has the Dynamics Mobile API security role assigned.

Setup connection in Dynamics Mobile portal

The connection setup in Dynamics MObile portal uses parameters obtained from the steps above - e.g. you need to have registered app in order to be able to setup the connection.

  1. Go to your dynamics mobile application area

  2. Navigate to the ADM (Administration app)

  3. Open the Roles menu from the root menu

  4. Find the DMSAGENT role , select it and click EDIT( the pencil icon on top right)

  5. Click tab SETTINGS and then click over the AGENT tab on the left

  6. Expand the Backend Connection section

  7. Select Connection Type: Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

  8. Enter the host of the Dynamics Mobile 365 FO

  9. Enter Dynamics 365 Tenant Id: Use the value Azure the app registration screen

  10. Enter the Client Id: use the value from Azure app registration screen

  11. Enter the Secret Value (in password) from Azure.

  12. Make sure to select oauth2 as authentication method (auth type)

  13. Enter default company name from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

  14. Click the UPDATE button on top

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