Deploy on Android

Install Dynamics Mobile on mobile Android devices


The document describes the steps requires to deploy the Dynamics Mobile app on Android device. This method requires:

  • Android device with access to internet and access to Google Play

  • Dynamics Mobile User credentials ( signup code, username, current (temporary) password )

1. Open Google Pay on your mobile device

2. Enter "dynamics mobile" in the search bar of Google Play

3. Click "Install" to install the Dynamics Mobile App

4. Find the Dynamics mobile app icon and start the app

5. Click the "Sign In" button at the bottom

6. Enter your credentials and click Login

Contact the system administrator to obtain your user credentials.

Enter the following:

  • Tenant Enter the tenant name ( a.k.a. apparea or application area)

  • Username this is your unique username obtained by the system admin

  • Current password this is the temporary password provided by the system admin or your current password if you setup this user for subsequent time.

  • New Password enter the new password - it must be a new password if you login with the user for first time or can be the same password if you login for subsequent time

  • Make sure to read the license agreement and agree by tapping over the toggle

  • Click the Login button ( you will need internet connection when login for first time)

How to obtain your tenant

The tenant can be obtained from the first part of the address in the web browser address bar , which is used to access Dynamics Mobile portal.

7. Enter your password again and click the Login button

You need to enter your password again when login for first time. The app will remember your password from now on.

8. Wait for the app to synchronize

Wait a bit for the application to download the latest changes and settings. This may take a minute or so.

9. Allow the app to use the device location

The app may ask you to allow usage of the device location (gps). Please click the "While using the app" to allow it.

IMPORTANT: The New Password must consist of at least 10 symbols including uppercase and lowercase letters, number and a special character. Example: 123Abc38!@

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