System and Custom Apps

Backend Application Types

System Applications

The tenants in Dynamics Mobile Platform come with a set of preloaded backend apps. These preloaded backend apps are called SYSTEM applications.

The following system applications are preloaded in every tenant:

  • Administration (ADM) Allows the administrators to create and manage users , roles, apps and permissions to the tenant.

  • Marketplace (MRKT) Allows the administrators to browse and search for applications and install them in the current tenant

  • Billing Provides billing information for the current tenant including spent credits, bills and invoices.

The SYSTEM applications can not be uninstalled or modified. They are developed and maintained by the Dynamics Mobile team and they are automatically updated to the latest version in each tenant.

Custom applications

Custom apps are backend , mobile or PWA apps, different from the system apps. Dynamics Mobile team provides a set of ready applications available in the Marketplace. Partner organizations can register as app developers and develop and publish apps in the Marketplace.

The system administrators may find specific apps from Marketplace and install them in the current application area.

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