BackendService basic template

Code snippet to use as a foundation for your killer backendservice
Here comes a basic template for a BackendService. It contains "handlers" (well switch-es and case-es) for every known system event.
import { ApplicationBackendServiceBase, BackendServiceEventTypes } from '@dms';
export * from '@dms';
export * from '@dms-bo';
export default class BackendService extends ApplicationBackendServiceBase {
public async processEvent(
event: { eventName: string;
eventArguments: {
appArea: string;
appCode: string;
userName: string;
request: {
httpMethod: string;
restCommand: string;
headers: any;
body: any;
queryStringParameters: any;
}): Promise<any> {
switch (event.eventName) {
case "system:schedule:tick": {
//here comes the interval based processing
//no need to return anything
//throw error if something is not as expected
case "system:api:inbound": {
//here comes the REST API event processing
//return some result here
case "system:packet:push": {
//here comes the packet push processing
//do not return anything, just throw error if you hit something wrong
default: throw new Error("unknown system event");
You don't need to respond or process every system event type, so you may skip the case-es for system event types of no interest.