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Configuring access to Dynamics Mobile extension in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO


Dynamics Mobile provides different levels of access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO extension. Each level corresponds to a separate function/role in the system.

Every Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO user , who needs to access certain areas of the Dynamics Mobile extension, must have a certain set of roles assigned.

These include 2 types of roles

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO standard roles like Accounts receivables manager for example

  • Dynamics Mobile Add-on roles ( explained in the next section)

Dynamics Mobile roles

There are three separate levels/roles provided by the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile extension. They only appear in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO once the Dynamics Mobile extension is deployed on the tenant. Each role provides access to certain areas of the Dynamics Mobile extension Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO.

  • Dynamics Mobile Administrator gives full permissions to all areas of Dynamics Mobile extension including initial setup, settings and mobile device configuration and regular daily usage.

  • Dynamics Mobile Operator gives limited permissions to Dynamics Mobile extension. These permissions are sufficient for supporting and monitoring daily activities of the mobile devices including configuration and settings read-only access. This role does not grant permissions for changing Dynamics Mobile extension configuration. This is the role to provide as a minimum to the operators, supervisors and managers who will work with the dynamics Mobile extension on a daily basis.

  • Dynamics Mobile API gives limited permissions to Dynamics Mobile extension. These permissions grant access to Dynamics Mobile OData entities used for data exchange and interoperability with Dynamics Mobile Portal. This role needs to be granted to the user used for authentication in the Dynamics Mobile Agent connection properties. This role has no effect in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO client (UI).

Setup security


  • You need to have the Dynamics Mobile extension installed in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations environment.

  • You need to decide the Dynamics Mobile extension role to assign to the user (Dynamics Mobile Operator as a minimum)

  • You need to consider assigning standard roles from Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO to allow access to other functional areas like:

    • Inventory management/Journal Entries/Transfer Journals

    • Inventory management/Journal Entries/Item counting/Counting

    • Inventory management/Inbound Orders/Transfer order

    • Inventory management/Outbound Orders/Transfer order

    • Accounts Receivable/Payments/Customer Payment Journals

    • Warehouse management/Inquiries and reports/Physical on-hand inventory

    • Accounts Receivable/Customers/All Customers

    • Accounts Receivable/Orders/All sales orders

    • Accounts Receivable/Inquiries and reports/Invoices/Invoice Journal

Assign roles to users

For assigning roles to users you need to do the following:

1. Navigate to Users page and select desired user

2. Assign desired role to selected user

Standard security roles

Dynamics Mobile security roles does not include/provide permissions for standard areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO. However, the users which administer Dynamics Mobile solution require permissions for some standard features too:

  • Batch job manager - this security role is required for configuration and maintenance of the data processing batch jobs in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO. These batch jobs are integral part of the solution.

Synchronize security roles

In case of an update of Dynamics Mobile extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO which includes security roles update a synchronization of the security roles is needed in order to apply security roles changes.

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