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Dynamics Mobile is built around the idea that the developers and organizations will benefit if they can develop, run, support and use business solutions over public clouds without actually knowing the public cloud implementation internals as well as the internals of the rest of the infrastructure components like mobile operating systems and complex backend systems like ERPs.

This idea evolves to the concept of the Dynamics Mobile Platform, which implements a rich runtime layer on the top of the public clouds. This runtime layer may be deployed and run on top of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and other public clouds and host the various building blocks of any serverless business solution, which are called "applications".

Solutions and Applications

The Dynamics Mobile Platform relies on the concept of applications, where each application is a packaged set of functionalities meant to work on a mobile device or in the web browser. The mobile and backend applications hosted over the Dynamics Mobile platform can communicate between them, reuse and share data, providing unified and integrated experiences to the users and "forming" Serverless Business Solutions.

Applications on top the Dynamics Mobile platform are developed with the Dynamics Mobile SDK, which allows development of 2 types of applications:

  • Mobile applications Cross-platform hybrid mobile apps executed on a mobile device capable to run on iOS, Android and Windows 10 and provide rich UI experience to the mobile user bundled with offline and online capabilities.

  • Backend applications Web application accessible from a web browser providing rich UI experience and utilizing the serverless capabilities of the public cloud - e.g. no single server machine but rather different types of scalable public cloud services like storage, databases, queues and others.

Both of the application types uses mostly the same classes, types and development approaches, which accelerates the development of integrated business solutions capable to run over different public clouds and different mobile operating systems.

The best of it?

The developer and the organization does not need spend hundreds to thousand of hours to learn about every mobile operating system , every public cloud and every ERP . What they need to do is to use Dynamics Mobile Platform and Dynamics Mobile SDK to quickly build business cross-platform mobile and backend apps.

Features at a glance

Following some of the platform features:

  • Developing of backend apps with TypeScript and Bootstrap

  • Development of mobile apps with TypeScript and Framework7

  • Development of standalone mobile apps (no backend)

  • Development of mobile apps using Dynamics Mobile Platform as a backend

  • Development of mobile apps using Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/BC, NAV, AX2012 as a backend

  • Development of mobile apps connected with any backend via HTTP/REST APIs

  • MVVM pattern (2 way data-binding) to decouple and bind UI and models

  • Local data access via raw sql and lightweight ORM

  • Remote data access via Ajax requests

  • Code completion for classes, types, methods, etc.

  • Declarative definition of the data models (a.k.a. business objects)

  • Declarative definition of the User Interface journey via Tasks (U*I routing)

  • Complete off-line operating mode for mobile applications, capable to cash and synchronize gigabytes of data

  • Automatic synchronization of the local mobile data with the backend side

  • Security enforcement via Users, Roles, Security Policies

  • Cross-platform native app experience for Android, iOS, Windows 10

  • Local development and debugging and prototyping with Visual Studio Code and Chrome - no need for real devices during development*

  • Local on-device debugging via Chrome dev tools

  • Automated app release and rollout processes for mobile and backend apps

  • Deploy and run immediately via platform

  • Deploy and run the server side in AWS cloud

  • Deploy and run the server side in Azure cloud ( ongoing development)

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