Translation Definition is a JSON file with well-known format, which defines list of resources translated to specific language. Each translation file has the following file name format:


The [languageCode] can be any word, which identifies the language. Usage of ISO-639-1 language codes is encouraged.

Following few examples:

bg.lang.json - Bulgarian en.lang.json - English fr.lang.json - French tr.lang.json - Turkish ro.lang.json - Romanian ar.lang.json - Arabic hi.lang.json - Hindi vi.lang.json - vietnamese zh.lang.json - Chinese

The Language Definition file is used by the compiler to generate language specific resources - e.g. the final output compiled application will contain translated resources, which are based on specific Language Definition.

Each application may have multiple language files - one per language. Every definition file must be located in src/Translation or ext/Translations folder of the application. The format of the language definition file is as follows:

   "resources": [

The json files must have one property "resources". The "resources" property is an array of translation resources, where each translation resources has 2 properties: - name: contains the unique name of the resources to be translated - text: contains the translated resource text

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