Hardware Requirements

Dynamics Mobile Agent Hardware Requirements


Dynamics Mobile Agent is a light-weight nodejs application deployed on prem. Following list of standard hardware and software requirement.

Dynamics Mobile Agent Server Machine

  • OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 (or newer) or Linux

  • NodeJS installed

  • SSL certificate in PEM format for secure communication over SSL from public certification authority

  • (optional) Open port 443 to the public internet for inbound and outbound to allow external communication with devices.

  • CPU: 2 x Xeon Cores, 16 Gb RAM

  • HDD: 500 Gb free space, minimum 80 Mb/sec write

Dynamics Mobile Agent must be able to make requests towards the ERP end point ( NAV SQL Server, AX2012 AIF, D365 FO ODATA, BC ODATA). It needs to use dedicated ERP credentials. User credentials. All calls are carried out from a single dedicated ERP (AX, NAV, D365 FO, BC) User, who should be able to:

  • write/read from DMSyncLog table in the ERP for off-line apps (VAN Sales)

  • read access to all ( or predefined ) ERP tables used in the mobile app

Windows Domain

The machine, where Dynamics Mobile Agent is deployed is recommended to stay in DMZ out of Windows domain. Dynamics Mobile Agent connects to the ERP (AX2012, D365 FO, NAV, BC) via the ERP's native API ( AIF, ODATA, MSSQL) requests and authenticates by using dedicated ERP user - e.g. there must be a dedicated Dynamics Mobile user defined in the ERP.

SSL Certificate

Dynamics Mobile app, which runs on the mobile devices communicates via SSL with Dynamics Mobile Agent. This option however, requires the organization to issue SSL Certificate in PEM format for the public DNS address or IP, where Dynamics Mobile Agent is published from a public certification authority.

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