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API Reference

Description of the Dynamics Mobile SDK TypeScript classes and types
The document contains description of the TypeScript classes and types exposed by the Dynamics Mobile SDK, which are used to develop mobile and web apps.
Provides methods to navigate the user interface
High-level methods to work with local (on-device) relational data in off-line mode
Low-level methods to work with local (on-device) relational data in off-line mode
High-level methods to work with remote relational data
Provide means to store and read configuration settings locally on the device
Manages the task execution context - e.g. the data passed between views and tasks
Provides methods to consume pre-configured document series stored locally on the mobile device
Provides methods to send synchronization packets to the backend system ( e.g. ERP )
Provides methods, which allow access to various mobile device native features
Base class for all business objects
Provides tools for printing
Allows access to the mobile device file system
Allows access to application wide properties
Helper class providing utilities to ease the authoring of unit tests
"Base class" for all views within the app
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