Application Areas
Isolated set of resources, users, roles and apps
An application are is a set of isolated resources like storage, applications, users, roles, etc. They are isolated in such away that they can not be accessed from other users and apps. These isolated resources are called "Application Area".
Every application area has an unique identifier consisting of several letters and digits, which is assigned when the application area is created and can not be changed later. The applications installed in the application area can store and retrieve structured data in a relational database or unstructured data into a cloud-based file system. All operations are data are physically isolated into separate storage, which can not be accessed from others.
Each business organization receives one or more application areas, where the administrators of the application area can decide, what apps to be installed and available for the users. Each application area can be used for different purposes - one dedicated to customization and development of apps, another application area dedicated for testing of apps and third application area used for production purposes - e.g. where the organization's business users are working on a daily basis.
Every application area has own set of users, roles, apps and access permissions managed by the system administrator of the application area.
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