Disaster Recovery

Mobile Fleet Disaster Recovery for Dynamics Mobile Agent

Dynamics Mobile Fleet may be used as a Disaster Recovery module for Dynamics Mobile Agent, when Dynamics Mobile Agent (also known as MSS) is deployed in disconnected mode.

Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) is no longer provided in disconnected mode. The disconnected mode is only supported for existing customers.

If the organization is using Dynamics Mobile Agent deployed in disconnected mode, the mobile devices may be configured to send the data packets to both Dynamics Mobile Agent (a.k.a. MSS) and Dynamics Mobile Fleet.

This approach will still keep the devices sending packets to Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) , but will also send additionaly the same data packet to Dynamics Mobile Fleet.

Dynamics Mobile Fleet in Disaster Recovery mode

The benefit from activating the Disaster Recovery (DR) feature is that the packets are stored in a separate highly-available and secured cloud storage, which is monitored 24x7. The cloud storage will keep storing and archiving the incoming mobile data packets even if Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) is temporary down due to configuration or infrastucture issues, which can cause data loss otherwise.

The lost data packets can be later recovered from the cloud Disaster Recovery back to on-prem MSS with a simple procedure described below.

Disaster Recovery Activation

The Disaster Recovery feature is not activate by default. The mobile devices are sending the data packets only to Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS). The amdinistrator must decide if the Disaster Recovery feature must be activated by taking into account any country, organizational, legal and security concerns.

The activation of the Disaster Recovery feature may be done via configuration on Dynamics Mobile Agents (MSS).

  1. Login to Mobile Fleet App ( https://portal.dynamicsmobile.com )

  2. Navigate to Administration/Api Keys from the left-side menu

  1. If you dont have api key on this screen (you will get error message if so) , click the Generate New Api Key button on top

  2. Click the [eye] icon on the right side to see the API key and write it down

  3. Check and write down the App Area


  1. Login to your Dynamics Mobile Sync Services instance via the Web Console

  2. Navigate to Control Panel/Groups

  3. Select and open the device group that you want to enable for DR

  4. Go to the Group's Settings tab

  1. Add the following settings:

    xapikey: [input the Api Key written down before]

    cloud.token: [input App Area written down before]

  2. The Disaster Recovery feature will be automatically enabled for the mobile devices within the group on the next mobile application synchronization

Recovering from a disaster

The Distaster Recovery system collects the packets from the devices as soon as the devices are connected. In case the business reports that a certain transaction ( invoice, payment, etc.) is missing from the ERP system the reason might be that a specific data packet was not delivered to Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS). This can happen in case Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) was not available due to infrastucture outages or other issues

If this happens, you have to first make sure that the packet was sent to the Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) and ERP:

  1. Go to the ERP and open the Dynamics Mobile Sync Log screen

  2. Look for Failed/Error packets, check the error message and try to remove the error by reprocessing the packets

  3. If you can not find the packet in the ERP Sync Log, go to Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) Web Console, navigate to Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) Sync Log and try to find the packet there

  4. If the packet is not in Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) Sync Log, then fall back to the disater recovery procedure below

Disaster Recovery procedure

The procedure describes the steps to be perfirmed in case certain data packets need to be recovered from the Disaster Recovery system. Fall back to this procedure only if you are certain that the packets are missing from Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) and the ERP's Sync Log.

Login to Mobile Fleet, find and download missing Sync Packets

  1. Login to Mobile Fleet (https://portal.dynamicsmobile.com)

  2. Navigate to Mobile Fleet/Events/Sync Log

  1. Filter out the Sync Log packets by using the filter fields on top. You will filter out usually by date range and username

  2. You will see a list of matching packets on the screen.

  3. Select the packets that you want to recover in Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) by holding Ctrl and mouse clicks

  4. Click the Download Selected button to download the selected packets in ZIP file. Save the file on your computer.

Connect to Dynamics Mobile Agent machine and copy the missing Sync Packets

  1. Login to the server machine (RDP) , where Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) is installed

  2. Open Windows Explorer from the Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) server machine and navigate to folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot\dm\syncJson

  3. Extract the content of the ZIP file into this folder

  4. Open Dynamics Mobile Agent (MSS) Web Console , navigate to SyncLog and check if the packets appeared accordingly. It might take sometime depending on the number of the packets.