Introduction of Dynamics Mobile Agent


Dynamics Mobile Agent is a lightweight based software deployed and running on prem - e.g. at the organization premises. It facilitates the communication between the Dynamics Mobile Platform (cloud) and the on-prem ERPs deployed behind a firewall.
The Dynamics Mobile Agent is not required for:
  • Standalone deployment - e.g. without connected ERP
  • Connected deployments - Connected ERP, which faces public internet like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (online) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central(online)
Dynamics Mobile Agent is deployed in DMZ and requires open port 433 to allow secure communication with Dynamics Mobile Platform and the mobile devices via public internet.
Dynamics Mobile Agent acts as a bidirectional proxy between the ERP and Dynamics Mobile Portal by forwarding all requests securely from the source to the destination system.
Dynamics Mobile Portal accepts requests from the devices and forwards the requests to the ERP via Dynamics Mobile Agent. It negotiates with the mobile devices to decide if certain request (or series of requests) must be redirected directly to the Agent, when these requests require more performance connection. Warehouse and other types of apps, which require near real time connectivity with the ERP may be configured to request direct connection to the ERP. This allows for balance between performance, security and scalability.
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